Step 1 : Select Your City

Step 2 : Home Configuration

Step 3 : Kitchen Shape

Wall A
Feet  Inch  Height 
Wall B
Feet  Inch  Height 
Step 4 : Cabinet Material

Step 5 : : Shutter Material & Finish

Step 6 : : Accessories

What is a modular kitchen cost calculator?

A straightforward yet effective tool, the modular kitchen cost calculator gives you an overview and an approximation of the implementation costs related to custom-curated kitchens. It is simple to use, effective, and transparent, giving you important information about changes in cost related to floor plans as well as materials and design

It is crucial to remember that the real cost of implementation could differ, and for more assistance or information, one should always speak with the professionals at Design9 Space World.

How does the modular kitchen cost calculator assist you in determining how much the interior design of your kitchen will cost?

Based on your own preferences for the layout of your house, the style of the kitchen, the kind of cabinetry, the finish and material of the shutters, and the kitchen accessories, the Modular Kitchen Cost Calculator estimates the approximate cost of installing a modular kitchen. Once your specifications are selected, the calculator adds up all of the charges and compares them to give you an estimated final cost.

The procedures below assist you in selecting your requirements and provide you an approximate budget for the same:

  1. Choose a City.
  2. Choose your home configuration
  3. Select the desired shape for your kitchen.
  4. Select your preferred cabinet material.
  5. Select the Finish and Material of your choice for shutters.
  6. To round off the look of your kitchen, add accessories.

How can I calculate how much my kitchen layout will cost?

The calculator aggregates all the various execution costs based on your selections, specifically:

Based on my room type, how do I calculate the cost of my kitchen?

Since your kitchen's layout is directly tied to its floorplan, the type of room you choose can have a significant impact on the total cost of your project.





How should I select the material for my kitchen cabinets?

Cabinets are a necessary component of the kitchen and significantly improve its appearance in addition to serving as a major organiser and storage solution. Consequently, it's critical to spend money on high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and durable cabinet materials.

Wood fibres are bonded together to create particle board. With the exception of washbasin units, they are moisture-resistant and suitable for use with all kitchen equipment. The two most common materials for kitchen cabinets are plywood and particle board.

How do I select the material for kitchen shutters?

The market offers a vast array of materials for kitchen shutters. For a more thorough explanation on the subject, click this link.

What distinguishes the material of kitchen shutters from that of kitchen cabinets?

A cabinet is the carcass, or body, of your modular kitchen. Located on the front of the cabinet, the shutter is made of different materials than the carcass. The shutters in your kitchen are the most visible element, therefore you should spend money on them. Find out more about kitchen cabinets and shutters.

Which kitchen accessories are essential?

Without its necessities, a kitchen is never fully furnished. Contemporary kitchen accessories are essential to maintaining a clean, organised look in the space. Trays, drawers, containers, shelves, and other functional features provide for effective space management.